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Marie Antoinette
Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Marie Antoinette has to be one of the most sought after historical figures in Hollywood portrayals.  And why not? Her style of obsessive baroque opulence was second to none!  According to Hollywood, she personified excess in everything she did. From the shoes that she wore, to the castles where she lived.  Marie Antoinette had exquisite taste, and the nation's declining economy to fund it.

My following Youtube video, Decorating Ideas - Marie Antoinette Theme, shows what is believed to be the way she lived, as well as her actual bedroom.  Enjoy!
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Despite of it's rough looking nature, burlap remains a well sought out fabric for designers of all levels.  It's color neutrality and low-cost make burlap an easy to use material in mostly any decor. 

Whether you're looking to decorate a living room, a bedroom, or just looking to add natural touches to your wedding decor, burlap is a tried and true method to add beauty to your surroundings. 

In the following video, I have compiled many burlap decorating and craft ideas that are easy enough for you to create for yourself.  In most cases, a glue gun and a pair of scissors is all you need to come up with your very own burlap home decor!  Click here to see more on Burlap Decorating Ideas. 

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